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Where impactful professionals gather to have dynamic dialogue aiming to drive change.

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About Unilever Change Driver Summit

Unilever Change Driver Summit (UCDS) is a program designed for Indonesian professionals who are looking to increase their impact and expand their network through dynamic dialogues. There are three main events in UCDS: UCD Talk, UCD Meet and The Summit.

UCD Talk

UCD Talk is an online webinar and talk show where attendees get to learn from and discuss with Unilever Indonesia’s top executives on chosen topics.
19 July 2022
18.30 – 21.00 WIB
Event Completed

UCD Meet

In-person gathering event for professionals.
05 August 2022
Event Completed

The Summit

Main event of UCDS where professionals get to learn from and network with fellow professionals & Unilever representatives in person.
03 September 2022
Grha Unilever

*Registration deadline until 26 August 2022

About The Summit

How to Drive Change in the Field of Sustainability

The Unilever Change Driver Summit is a competition and networking event where impactful professionals meet and advance themselves through dynamic dialogues and business case challenges in response to the world's sustainability challenges.

Location: Grha Unilever, BSD (Offline)
Date: Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, 07.30 WIB – 19.30 WIB
Location: Zoom (Online)
Date: Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, 09.00 WIB – 12.30 WIB

The Summit: Events Agenda

Activity details of the program can be seen by clicking each sub-agenda below

Enriching Talkshow

The Summit will begin with an enriching business & sustainability themed talk show that covers the views of the government, big business, and small-medium business.


Scalable & Profitable Sustainability: Driving Practical Change That is Profitable and Sustainable for Business, Local Economy and Environment​

Key Talking Points:


What does it mean to drive change


How a financial department’s ability to drive change affects a company


How Unilever Indonesia supports their financial department to drive change

Sustainability & Market Presentation from Unilever Indonesia

Representatives from Unilever Indonesia will take turns in presenting about the company’s strategies on sustainability and its market after enriching talk show ends.

The information and insights shared during these sessions will be relevant to the Business Case Challenge.

Key Talking Points:


What sustainability means for Unilever Indonesia and why it matters


What sustainability measures Unilever Indonesia has taken over the years


What challenges Unilever Indonesia faces in solving sustainability related objectives


Unilever Indonesia’s long-term goal in achieving its sustainability-friendly market

Business Strategy Workshop

Learning Outcomes:


Participants understand how a business creates values through a Value-Based Strategy built by Prof. Felix-Oberholzer Gee from Harvard Business School.


Participants understand critical drivers of business’ stakeholder willingness-to-sell, reflected from internal business operations and supply chain, to attain exceptional operational excellence successfully.


Participants understand critical drivers of a business’ customer willingness-to-pay, which is reflected by how far a company can create value for their customers to maximize margin.


How is a value-based strategy implemented in Business Development, Finance, Human Capital, Marketing, and many other functions?


How can value-based strategy help companies plan for their sustainability and profitability agenda?

Business Case Challenge

Business Case Challenge is developed based on real business problem and bottleneck that currently exists in Unilever Indonesia. The main challenge revolves around Home Care product department with the aim to increase sales while also implementing Unilever sustainability goals.

Selected The Summit participants will be grouped based on their expertise to discuss about the solution for the problem. Each group will have 90 minutes to create a presentation deck that will explain their team’s answers to the challenge.

Panel Judge will deliberate to find winners for the Business Case Challenge and award them with:
PRIZE: Get invited to international training/development program!
*The winners for the Business Case Challenge will be announced during Awarding & Closing session.

For more information about "Business Case Challenge", please donwnload the booklet here >

Casual Networking

The Summit will facilitate its participants to build business network with fellow professionals of various backgrounds throughout the event. Not only that the participants will get to network with individuals assigned in their case challenge groups, but they will also get to network with all participants in designated casual networking sessions during breaks and/or end of the event.

Schedule for Casual Networking:
  • In-event Breakfast (07.30 – 09.00 WIB)
  • Break 1 (12.00 – 13.00 WIB)
  • Break 2 (16.00 – 16.30 WIB)
  • Break 3 (17.30 – 18.30 WIB)
  • Free Time (19.30 – 21.00 WIB)
What to prepare for casual networking:


Business card


Social media information (can be added to business card, or turned into QR code for easy scanning between participants)

Rundown for The Summit

How to get invited


Go to ambiz.co.id/ucds


Complete the whole registration form (this includes the quick registration form and the full registration form)



Registration deadline until 26 August 2022

Who can join


Must be a univeristy graduate (S1 or higher)


Having professional background in Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, or Tech/Data


Have at least 2 years of working experience after graduation (S1)


Aspire to driving real change in own field of work

Drive the change you wish to see in the world.

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