Purpose-Culture Internalization​

AMBIZ aims to help align the way your company’s culture, values and purpose are being perceived by internal talents.

This service is a part of AMBIZ’s Internal Employer Branding Service. If you’re looking to learn about AMBIZ’s External Employer Branding Service, click here →​

Internal Employer Brand Big Picture​​

7 Steps of Internal Employer Brand, Sorted by
Level of Significance to Real Performance​

Based on a research conducted by The Harvard Business School, it is found that an organization’s performance is positively impacted by the clarity of their purpose. However, purpose clarity and the internalization of the purpose are two different things. A recent study found that there are seven dimensions of purpose internalization as shown below. We ranked the dimensions based on their significance, with levels 4, 5, 6 and 7 being the most significant compared to the rest.​​

Not Significant to Real Performance​​

Highly Significant to Real Performance

Transforming Companies through Change Agents Activations with Catalyst Program​

Catalyst Program is an initiative made by AMBIZ to help companies transform themselves internally through the activation of change agents. ​

This program highlights the role of the alignment and internalization of company’s purpose and values within each talent. ​

Through Catalyst Program, selected change agents will go through intensive activations that will lead them to not only transform themselves, but also their peers and company in the process.

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