About Tools-Empowered Improvement​​

As part of our Organizational Improvement service, we aim to help companies by devising powerful tools that can be used in high scalability, practicality and cost efficient. These tools can be utilized in many ways, one of it being complementary to our Catalyst Program. There are two main tools that we provide: CAND!D and Frameworks, each of them support companies in different ways and target separate problems.​ ​​


Objective Meeting Evaluator System​


Integrated Tools Designed for Effective Change & Improvement Implementation​

About CAND!D​​

We understood that emotional intelligence and communication skills are essential and may boost effective work process within the company. We understood that by reinforcing talents to provide and receive timely- objective feedbacks, the organization may help talents to:​

Have a deeper understanding of themselves through peers’ feedback

candid communication

Therefore, we built an Objective Meeting Evaluator System called ​CAND!D, a tool that aim to Promote Meritocracy, One Meeting at a Time.

Transform Organizational Emotional Intelligence through Candid Communication Practice


Provide the right tool to reinforce candid communication: CAND!D​


Reinforce the utilization of CAND!D by integrating it to employee’s KPI​


Appoint third party to evaluate candid communication practice in the organization​


Provide incentive for employees who consistently get positive evaluations at CAND!D​

About Frameworks​​​

Frameworks are part of tools that AMBIZ created in our organizational improvement service to help talents within companies to break down problems, design solution into context and actionable plans, and optimize them. These tools can be utilized to assist change management initiatives within companies to be more effective (click here to see the utilization of Framework in our Catalyst Program)

There are three Frameworks that we provide:

Context Frameworks

10 Days Challenge

ERRC Framework


Context Framework​​​

The main framework throughout the change management journey that supports the talent in defining the problems they want to solve. Context Framework consist of:​

The problems the talents’ want to change​

Shared Mindset:
The new mindset they want to instill through the change process​

Stakeholders involved throughout the change process​

Activities they want to do through the change process​

The new values they want to bring through the change process​

Expected Behavior:
Behavioral outcome from the change process​


10-Days Challenge & ERRC Framework​​​​

The 10 days challenge & ERRC framework are designed to help the talents to execute their change plan in a more effective and arranged manner.

These frameworks will embed the context framework and break it down into their sub-practice to be input in 10 days. Talents can keep track of their progress through this framework that is accessible through tailor-made dashboard that will be provided by AMBIZ.

ERRC Framework will complete the experience to self-analyze or guided-analyze with dedicated coaches to determine which initiative to eliminate, reduce, rethink and continue.

We intentionally built these frameworks to empower talents to lead their team once our Catalyst Program is completed independently. ​