About Catalyst Program

Catalyst Program is a change management initiative created by AMBIZ. This initiative is designed to help make the way companies enact changes internally more effective, structured, and targeted.

Through Catalyst Program, individuals within the company will be assessed. Later, some of them will be appointed as Catalyst of Change, or the role models of the program.
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4 Steps Catalyst Program

The Catalyst Program consists of 4 steps that have been validated to work in companies aiming for change process. We believe that a successful change management process requires the right talents and the right system, therefore, the journey needs to begin with identifying the right talents. We also believe that a successful change management journey needs to involve the talents’ input. Only by implementing this approach, a genuine, true to the core and successful change management is possible.​​

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Why We Use This Method​

Participants felt that check-in sessions help them to open their minds as wail as raise their self-awareness.

Participants would recommend this program to all of their companies’ employees.

Participants claimed that check-in sessions improve teamwork performance.

Catalyst Selection & Appointment​​

Catalysts are selected based on their AMBIZ Assessment results. To increase talents’ motivation in becoming appointed as Catalysts, they will be given incentives and benefits, such as:

Career Path

Increased Salary

Learning wallet

and more

To ensure that each Catalyst perform as they are intended to, AMBIZ will conduct gradual evaluation through CAND!D.

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Utilization of Frameworks by Catalysts of Change​​

To support the overall change management journey, Catalysts will be introduced to functional frameworks, such as:​

Context Frameworks serves as a tool that will help Catalysts to put their plan into context

10 Days Challenge serves as a tool that will help them put their plans into actionable steps

ERRC Framework serves as a tool that will help Catalysts in optimizing their plans by Eliminating, Reducing, Rethinking or Continuing each step

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