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The professional world will be full of a lot of challenges. You need to troubleshoot, be grit to every obstacle, make an impact on your environment, synergize with your surrounding, and be fully present! These are the things that can't be seen maximumly through your CV and GPA. Start your journey with us, and we will help you discover your true potential through our validated instrument!

2. Assessment

We can’t match you with the most-fit company if we don’t know you. The AMBIZ Assessment is 90 minutes long, and is filled with interesting questions that will help us get better understanding of your skills, potentials, and personality. You’ll get your very own comprehensive & personalized result too!

3. Online Interview

Let’s get to know each other deeper through the online interview. Not only that we’ll help you prep for your interview with your prospective users, we will also give you personalized feedback that you can use to develop yourself with.

4. User Interview

Meet the companies who are interested in your skills and potential! Applying through AMBIZ means applying for multiple hiring companies at once. You can get interviewed by multiple prospective users before finally landing on the one opportunity that suits you the most. Fun, right? Exactly!

5. Onboarding!

You’re in! Have fun developing yourself in the most-fit internship or full-time job program. Our Candidates Partner will be with you always, to help you get through and make the best out of your days as an intern or a full-timer. We’ve got your back!

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