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What They Said

"What I like the most about my internship experience is that the people in my company are really humble and the culture is really good! They don’t treat their interns differently."

Destyana Eka Putri
Former Intern at Garena
Business Administration and Management, Universitas Andalas


We can’t match you with the most-fit company if we don’t know you. The AMBIZ Assessment is 90 minutes long, and is filled with interesting questions that will help us get better understanding of your skills, potentials, and personality. You’ll get your very own comprehensive & personalized result too!

What They Said

"There was a time when I was so confused about my project and AMBIZ helped me to get through the problem by providing supportive consultation and feedback!"

Former Intern at Stoqo
Institut Teknologi Bandung

Online Interview

Let’s get to know each other deeper through the online interview. Not only that we’ll help you prep for your interview with your prospective users, we will also give you personalized feedback that you can use to develop yourself with.

What They Said

"I can tell that AMBIZ is my life saver because they give me hope to land an internship when no other companies respond to my online applications. On what she thinks about AMBIZ"

Tresya Pricillia Soehendar
Former Intern at Warung Pintar
English Languange, State University of Jakarta

User Interview with Hiring Companies

Meet the companies who are interested in your skills and potential! Applying through AMBIZ means applying for multiple hiring companies at once. You can get interviewed by multiple prospective users before finally landing on the one opportunity that suits you the most. Fun, right? Exactly!

What They Said

"AMBIZ is an exciting new talent scouting company with different approach in assessing its candidate, which is based on what can they offer as a human beyond their academic number and university name."

Muhammad Ichsan
Former Intern at Garena
Communication, University of Indonesia

Start Internship or Full-time Job

You’re in! Have fun developing yourself in the most-fit internship or full-time job program. Our Candidates Partner will be with you always, to help you get through and make the best out of your days as an intern or a full-timer. We’ve got your back!

What They Said

"The company's culture and work environment are the best. They are so friendly and they like to share knowledge."

Ria Khairunnisa
Former Intern at Garena
Psychology, Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof.Dr.Hamka Jakarta