Road to INKOMPASS: Make Your Story With Sampoerna is a free and open virtual event designed to help you prepare for a career through a series of expert-led training and sharing sessions.

About The Festival

A series of free virtual webinars from FMCG professionals designed to sharpen your competencies and skills, innovative mindset, and adaptability to a fast-changing world.

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About Career Growth Classes

An exclusive three-day self-development and career growth event for highly-assessed Festival attendees to practice analytical and critical thinking, effective communication, and personal branding.

If you want to join “Career Growth Classes”, you have to Register and attend The Festival, take AMBIZ Assessment, register to INKOMPASS, and complete INKOMPASS Video Interview

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Benefits of Joining Make Your Story With Sampoerna

Benefits Join Festival


Get the chance to connect and engage with speakers from Sampoerna and participants across Indonesia


Get career insights from experts in FMCG Industry

Benefits Join Career Growth Classes


Get exclusive application guidance from recruiters’ perspective


Get in-depth development for your career preparation


Sharing session with INKOMPASS & Sampoerna Graduate Trainee Alumni that has led various projects (Commercial, Marketing, and Operations).

How to Register for Make Your Story With Sampoerna

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Complete Make Your Story With Sampoerna registration form

Take AMBIZ Assessment

Register to INKOMPASS

Complete INKOMPASS Video Interview

Only for candidates who are interested in attending Career Growth Classes

Register for Make Your Story With Sampoerna to before May 20, 2022!