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Discover Hidden Gems

Using our Predictive Hiring Assessment Tools, we are able to identify the hidden gems, the unnoticed in the job market, candidates that can build a significant impact in your company without you knowing it.

Predictive Hiring Assessment

The existing job seeking platforms will give you hundreds of unfiltered CVs, most of which are templates that does not clearly define the quality of the candidates. AMBIZ made it more effective and have built a new way to see the candidates, beyond their CV & GPA.

Continous Insight

What happens when we’ve finished sourcing your talent acquisition needs? We don’t stop. We do constant research with the students, existing candidates & the talent, to provide valuable insights for your company.

AMBIZ Products

Assessment as a Solution

With our carefully tailored Online Assessment, you could see our candidate's true capacity and potentials beyond their CV or GPA. The the assessment result will be verified and completed through in-depth Online Interview with our assessors, creating a comprehensive and objective Candidate Report.

Recruitment as a Solution

We will only give you candidates that fits your needs. To make sure that they also fit with your company's dynamic and culture, you can interview them to know more about them and make sure whether they can add value in the specific ways your company operates.

Employer Branding

We aim to help your company, get noticed by candidates. Through paid acquisition channels, online-to-offline, through a revamped branding message.

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