Warung Pintar

Revolutionizes Indonesia's Traditional Kiosks

This company revolutionizes Indonesia’s traditional kiosks into something advanced and modern

Providing technology to help traditional kiosks compete with other retails.

Warung pintar develops a much better business opportunity for people with low income by creating a platform supported by Internet of Things and data analysis.

On their way to revolutionize more and more kiosks.

Since November 2017, Warung Pintar has developed over 1000 kiosks all around Jakarta. They're also on the mission to widen their range.

Revolutionizing people
through technology

Warung Pintar aims to help people of lower-middle class to earn better income by creating a way for those people to build kiosks that are equipped with modern technology.

The Products

Every kiosk is equipped with:

CCTV, Digitalized system, Modern and practical kiosk, Charging spot, LCD TV, Stove, Water pump, Mini fridge

Warung Pintar boosts 89.5% of their partners' income.

70% of their partners earn more than the minimum wage.

Kickstart Your Future with Us!