Financial Services for All

This company created a platform for unbanked Indonesians living in rural areas so then they can have access to digital payment

A financial services platform that serves all kinds of transactions and payments.

Payfazz is a financial technology company who provides Payment Point Online Bank as a convenient and flexible payment solution for unbanked Indonesians living in rural areas.

A platform designed for the purpose of financial inclusion.

Payfazz brings digital payment for unbanked Indonesians through Payfazz Agents.

World class technology
delivered by Indonesians for Indonesia.

Payfazz envisions to be the best digital integrated platform in Indonesia's digital economy who empowers SMEs and rural populations.

The Products

BNI Lakupandai

Finance (Money Transfer and Lending services)

Prepaid (Data, Electricity Token)

Postpaid (Phone bill, gas bill, BPJS, TV Subscription et cetera)

Starting small, taking a lead, eagerness to learn & work hard and willingness to protect the customers are Payfazz's company values

Work Cultures

Payfazz allows flexible working hours and casual attire for their employees.

Badminton, football and cardio are also some of the things that people at Payfazz do every now and then!

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