Innovation for Sustainable Living

Nusantics, established in Indonesia, is a genomics technology company who focuses on creating sustainable lifestyle products through the analysis of their clients' very own Microbiomes.

Some of Nusantics' products are Biome Scan and Biome Facial Bar. Through Biome Scan, clients will have their skin analyzed for its Microbiome profile, and through Biome Facial Bar, clients are able to go on painless and sustainable facial experience with the best natural ingredients.

Introducing Nusantics

Nusantics believes that sustainable living is more than just recycling and recovery--it should be an internalized value. Therefore, Nusantics aims to create sustainable innovation by adding bio-based values to lifestyle products, such as skincare, personal care, food, and beverage.

Nusantics is run by bright individuals of diverse backgrounds who work in a collaborative, driven, innovative, passionate and, fast paced environment.

Want to create innovations for sustainable living with Nusantics?