Extending Vision
Beyond Imagination

Say Hello to Nodeflux

Nodeflux offers to solve challenging problems through the utilization of Artificial Intelligence to extend vision provided by computer vision with deep learning

Nodeflux's Intelligent Video Analytics can be deployed into any kind of source, ranging from CCTV to phone cameras. They also focused on creating products based on essential problems, such as face recognition, license plate recognition and flood monitoring.

Nodeflux's technology has managed to provide solution to the problems faced by companies from many different sectors, such as GOJEK, Bandung Command Center, Transjakarta and Electronic City

Nodeflux Solutions

Security & Defense

Enhancing defense and security sector by combining following features such as Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Crowd and Behavior Analaytics, and Time Compression Analysis

Smart City

Apply smart solution for smart city by using our algorithm for people measurement, rule violation detection, traffic management and measurement, and river monitoring (flood, trash, etc).


Enrich your insight and enhance your business by implementing visitor measurement and acquire customers-product interaction data


Nodeflux believes that ambition, passion and collaboration will help them accelerate growth and innovation

They also believe that they can change the way organizations use their data through advanced technology. Through ups and down, they learned -- and developed as both personally and collectively. It’s gonna be endless yet meaningful journey.

Culture that shaped Nodeflux


Straight to the point, is what Nodeflux expect on every discussion. No need to insult others as long you maintain the context and work-related matter.


Put all heart and effort on it. Nodeflux started by passion to create values and Nodeflux still keeping it that way.


All of Nodeflux work eventually will be used in the market. So, better to understand them well by serve them well


Nodeflux believe in the power of teamwork. A common practices in Nodeflux office to collaborate, and surely they will expect a talent who could adjust with it


As the first Indonesian company to start on this industry, constant learning will be a vital habit for Nodeflux.


Stay real! Express yourself as you really are. Diversity brings us joy in working together.

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