Making Plastics Green

Greenhope is a technology social enterprise that focuses on creating sustainable consumption and production through the innovation of green plastics.

Greenhope has two leading brands: Oxium (oxo-biodegradable additive) & Ecoplas (cassava based plastic).

Greenhope's products have been widely used by many Indonesian and international brands, including Alfamart, Indomaret, Guardian, Hero, Carrefour and Tessa,

Introducing Greenhope

Greenhope envisions to create effective, economical, and scalable solutions for today's unsustainable plastics use.

Greenhope finds that 3R, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, is not enough put an end to a plastic's life cycle. Therefore, Greenhope adds another "R" to the process, which is "Return to nature".

The people at Greenhope are young, dynamic, high-performing and led by their idealist co-founders/social entrepreneurs.

Ready to make plastics green with Greenhope?