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Say Hello to CROWDE

CROWDE is a P2P Lending Platform that focuses on digitizing the agricultural process, from upstream to downstream.

In order to help farmers develop their businesses, CROWDE makes it their main priority to educate farmers in terms of technology and financial management. CROWDE connects you with farmers all around Indonesia, who are in need of financial support for the projects they are taking.


CROWDE believes in revolutionizing Indonesian farmers through empowering farmers to be agropreneurs.

"I believe that we are fighting the corrupt industry where farmers are the victims because they are crippled by the situation and people consider them as an object. In order to fight this, we must empower them on and off the farm, to start Agriculture Revolution in Indonesia."

Yohanes Sugihtononugroho

CEO & Co-Founder at CROWDE

Working in CROWDE feels like at home because everyone is a member of the family. We believe in three values: Fun, Fail, and Grit.

We always encourage each other to take the necessary risks, therefore, failing is not something to be afraid of. We believe that have the courage to be an achiever is very important. Everyone is creative in their own way, therefore everyone has to explore new ideas without forgetting to have fun! On top of everything, being persistent to help farmers and the agriculture industry in Indonesia should be our first priority.

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