Making Ends Meet:
University Students Edition

It's a well-known fact that university students are stressed-out about their finances.

Not only that they have to meet their needs, they also have to bear with their living and studying expenses.

Introducing Cicil

Cicil is an OJK certified fintech company who aims to provide university students with convenient loan program for all kinds of needs, from electronics to tuition fees.

Cicil offers a selection of simple and transparent loan programs for their users, including Product Loans and Tuition Loans.

Product Loans lets you buy products that you need with Cicil's credit program!

Tuition Loans lets you pay your tuition fee with the help of Cicil's credit program!

New On Cicil!

Cicil Jobs

Through Cicil Jobs, you are given the chance to pay off your Cicil loans by working at businesses near you.

Cicil Ambassador

Cicil Ambassador is Cicil's self development program that allows university students students to raising Cicil's brand awareness at their universities!

The people at Cicil work like a family, implement freedom of speech, and put customer's satisfaction first.

Kickstart Your Future with Us!